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Herbal Pest Control Noida - Noida's Best Termite Control Company.

Termite Treatment in Noida, Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida.


Termite also known as white ants. Also, termite is considered social insects as they live in a colony. One termite colony has around 3,00,000 to 3,50,000 termites population and multiple in thousands within a four month period. Termite loves moisture and cellulose. The colony work under ground and most active period of termites is spring. Around 0.5mm diameter hole is enough to gain entry. Once termites enter into your structure they started working through walls. Travels wall to wall and attack on woods fixed to the walls in search of food and destroy furniture faster. The damage done by termites is visible only when 80 to 90 percent wood is spoiled or destroyed.

Anti Termite Treatment Procedure or Termite Control Methodology.

The standard procedure for termite treatment is Drill+Fill+Seal. We provide termite treatment as per India Standard Code {IS 6313 (Part 3): 2001}. We create a termiticides chemical barrier to kill termites. We follow FOUR STEP TERMITE PROTECTION :

1. Treatment at the floor and wall junctions.
2. Drilling at the door/window frames.
3. Chemical coating or spray on movable furniture like bed, chair, table etc.
4. Treatment to mud tubes or existing termites. Firstly, we provide termite extermination service to the area being infested by termites, to control its existing movements.

Holes are drilled at the floor and wall junctions and chemical solution will be injected into these holes and will seal them. Same method will be applied to door and window frames (chokhat), holes will be drilled at 45 degree angle and chemical will be poured into these created holes. This termite control practice makes a complete undetectable chemical barrier around your property and leads to faster control of termites.

We Use Bayer Make Chemical (Premise 30.5) for Termite Treatment.

We understand the importance of your loved ones. We do not compromise on your kids and familys health. The chemical we use for termite control is safe for your kids and family. We use only certified chemicals to eliminate termites. The one and only PREMISE. It is Herbal, Odorless and Eco-Friendly chemical.

Anti Termite Treatment Warrantee.

The termite treatment warranty varies from site to site. If the whole Premises is treated (100 percent woodwork) then two years warrantee will be provided. However, the validity or effectiveness of treatment works upto 10 to 12 years, if the work done in quality and professionally.


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